Aesthetics, performance and installed cost economy


Versatile, hard-wearing and sustainable, Cambrian Slate is made from over 60% reconstituted Welsh slate. Precision-engineered with a natural slate aesthetic, Cambrian Slate is suitable for a wide range of projects and architectural styles.

Cambrian Slate sets the standard for quality in roofing design.


  • Interlocking slate
  • Riven surface and dressed edges echo the variation in natural slate
  • 60 year product guarantee
  • Weathers like natural slate
  • Can be laid at pitches as low as 15°


Want to know more about Cambrian Slate? View our case studies, technical specification and full range of fittings and accessories information.

Want to know more about Cambrian Slate? View our broad range of case studies highlighting the many features and benefits of Cambrian.

National Star College: In a bind and needing to meet tight deadlines, contractors working on the National Star College in Cheltenham sought assistance from Redland’s free-of-charge SpecMaster service.

Burgh Island: Backed by the Redland SpecMaster guarantee, architects at van Ellen Sheryn specified Cambrian Slate to repair a prominent apartment block in the windswept village of Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon.

Delme: After 28 years, the Cambrian Slate roof of Delme James’ home in Wales remains as solid as the day it was first laid, a mark of its quality.

Enfield: As part of a North London regeneration project by Enfield Council Housing, contractors used Cambrian Slate to recreate the classic aesthetic of the houses, while providing the quality and cost efficiency of modern slate.

Stratford Civic Hall: The lightweight qualities of Cambrian Slate were requested to fulfil specifications on a unique project in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Cambrian SlateTechnical Data
Size300 x 336 mm
Minimum Pitch
& Headlap
at 75 mm headlap
at 50 mm headlap
Maximum Pitch90°subject to fire resistance requirements
Maximum Headlap90 mm
Minimum Gauge210 mm
Maximum Gauge225 mm
250 mm
below 25°
25° and over
Tile Thickness10mm

Hanging Length

294 mmapprox
Linear Cover of 1 Slate300 mm
Covering Capacity (net)15.9 slates/m²
14.8 slates/m²
13.3 slates/m²
at 210 mm gauge
at 225 mm gauge
at 250 mm gauge
Laid Weight20 kg/m²
19 kg/m²
17 kg/m²
at 210 mm gauge
at 225 mm gauge
at 250 mm gauge
Weight per 1000 Slates1.24 tonnesapprox
Weight per Pallet0.77 tonnesapprox
Battens Required4.76 m/m²
4.44 m/m²
4.00 m/m²
at 210 mm gauge
at 225 mm gauge
at 250 mm gauge
Batten Size38 x 25 mm
50 x 25 mm
rafter centres up to 450 mm
rafter centres up to 600 mm
Nail Size30 x 2.65 mmring shanked
Slates per Pallet600
Slates per Pack10
Packs per Pallet60