Expert specification with complete design liability

SpecMaster, is our complete roof specification service and guarantee designed for architects and professional specifiers to save time and relieve the burden of writing specifications.

We know the importance of a correctly specified roof you can trust in. That’s why we created our SpecMaster roof specification service and guarantee.

When you contact the Redland Technical Solutions team, your enquiry will receive personal expert attention to provide you with a free-of-charge bespoke roofing specification for your project. SpecMaster also provides the added reassurance of our comprehensive 15-year design liability and roof weathertightness guarantee.


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National Star College:

In a bind and needing to meet tight deadlines, contractors working on the National Star College in Cheltenham sought assistance from Redland’s free-of-charge SpecMaster service.


Burgh Island: 

Backed by the Redland SpecMaster guarantee, architects at van Ellen Sheryn specified Cambrian Slate to repair a prominent apartment block in the windswept village of Bigbury-on-Sea in Devon.


Enfield Council:

When Enfield Council Housing decided to modernise and reroof a series of properties on Church Street, North London, Redland’s SpecMaster service was used to give the houses a high quality roofing solution, backed with a 15-year design liability guarantee.


Halton Housing Trust:

A development of apartment blocks and housing for Halton Housing Trust is underway in Widnes. As the project is to deliver affordable housing, the property owners have a keen interest in the long-term performance of the roofs: hence the importance of the 15-year SpecMaster weathertightness guarantee.

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